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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Power of Foreplay

The Power of Foreplay

The importance of foreplay has been talked about often in almost every sex guide on the planet. And yet, here we take a go at the subject again! Are we crazy? Quite! Nevertheless, the kind of information available in the free domain didn't really impress us, so we decided to do a small write up for our dear readers!

In this two part article we will tell you some ways to make your woman go crazy... and maybe even have an orgasm before you touch her secret places! Are we kidding? Not quite! But before all that it is important to mention that the foreplay doesn't start neither by kissing the lips nor by kissing the necks. It starts way before... at the moment your woman is comfortable with you, when you have gotten to know her some and are about to make a move. During our time we have seen some disasters, like a man who is talking about the city drainage and then decides to kiss the woman! Jeez! Get a life mate! But without further ado, lets take a look at the first ten steps that are important to foreplay!

Before Foreplay

  • Take a bath and smell good. Nothing is worse than smelling sweat on a man, no matter how sexy he is.
  • Groom yourself for the occasion. Dress nicely, look elegant and confident.
  • Get to know your woman a bit. At least know the basics of what she likes and especially what she doesn't.
  • Talk about exciting things from the start. Not about weather, not about how bad you feel; rather about things that make you feel good and make her feel good. Make her laugh some.
  • Always keep a steady eye contact, and every now and then look at her most gorgeous features and sigh to yourself, "Oh How Gorgeous Are Thee!"

And now lets get down to business! Onto The Ten Ways to Excite Your Woman!

Foreplay starts with words. Talk about something exciting, that will turn her blood hot. Now that doesn't mean getting her angry! Some nice topics are romantic spots, sea shore, mountains and flowers. But you can choose any topic and make it hot! Tell her about something in your life that really excited you, or if you know her well enough, tell her an anecdote that will please her. If you don't have one, make one! For instance something like "The other day, I was watching this show on discovery about the disney rides. And there was this one ride that they were talking about, you know the roller coaster. It was really amazing. The way it would go up and down, moving along at such a fast pace. Itwas really exciting! Speed and thrills with that wee bit of fear, rolling up instilling you with excitement, and then it would go down, so that you could feel the air brushing against your face..." The bolded words are where you should be laying emphasis.

  1. Actions can speak even louder than words! While you are telling her the story touch her lightly and move your hands. Move your hands like a wave when you say Up and down and then bring your hands close to her face when you talk about feel the air brushing against your face. If you think you are comfortable enough, you can even blow air just around her ears! But beware... around her ears, making her hair move, not full in her face!
  2. Throughout the conversation, touch her every so gently. Start invading her private space. Now I said private space, not private places! A slight touch on the elbow, remove a peck of dust from her hair, or just hold her hands and massage them with your fingers.
  3. Now start getting adventurous. If she is tired propose to massage her neck. Or just pull her towards yourself and give her a hug just because she said something nice. Start invading her private space even more.
  4. Now is the time to tell her how gorgeous she is or compliment her on something she is wearing. Before this time, you will just make her defensive. But right now, she will know you are sincere because your eyes have been telling it to her all through the evening! Tell her how you like her deep eyes, and then ask her softly if you can touch her face.
  5. Become more cozy with her, touching and caressing her in non sexual places. But don't lean over to kiss her... not just yet. Let her beg for it. For instance just let your finger roll down her back, or caress her shoulders. Even a slight rubbing on the knees can be sexy, if you are gentle and soft enough.
  6. Your talk should be getting more erotic now. That doesn't mean telling her about your conquests, but just start using sexy words. If there is something you feel, share it with her. Also, start talking more softly, so that she has to be real close to understand. Start whispering in her ears, making her a partner into your secrets. But not the dirty secrets, not just yet!
  7. Now while you are whispering, your mouth close to her ears, allow your lips to touch them. Give her a soft kiss, more like a peck. Then move back, allowing her to move into you. When she does, give her a slightly longer kiss on her ears, and then say something funny or interesting.
  8. Start moving your hands all over her body, still leaving out her obvious pleasure points. No touching her breasts for now! But her belly, her back, her neck, her arms, her legs, her chin and her hair are good places.
  9. Start moving your kiss downwards from her ear on to her neck, but don't start eating her neck! Just soft and tender kisses. So soft that she has to lean into you to feel them! And now be patient for the next part of this article!

Menikmati Saat Intim

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Menikmati Seks Yang Romantik

Menikmati Seks Yang Romantik

Pasangan kini sibuk dengan kerja dan anak-anak sehingga hubungan seks terpaksa dilakukan dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa. Tiada permulaan yang romantik dan kehendak seks dipenuhi, tetapi rasa macam ada kekurangan. Tergantung.

Bacalah Blog Kuasa Memulih Seks

Seks bukan sekadar hanya hubungan fizikal. Ia turut merangkumi perasaan cinta dan kasih sayang. Tanpa kasih sayang dan cinta, seks hanya satu usaha melepaskan nafsu sahaja. Itulah antara sebab semakin lama hubungan, jika hubungan dibiarkan dikuasai dengan kesibukan kerja dan hal-hal keluarga, hubungan seks akan menjadi tempat pelepasan nafsu. Nilai hubungan akan merosot.

Malah, cara kasih sayang dan cinta turut berubah semakin matangnya hubungan. Seks bukan lagi salah satu ukuran kasih sayang dan cinta. Ukuran berubah semakin matangnya hubungan dan semakin berusia seseorang. Ia adalah satu perkara yang baik, namun ramai pasangan tidak menyedarinya dan cuba sesuaikan keadaan itu.

Apabila pasangan berubah, ia bukanlah satu tanda ia tidak menyukai pasangannya. Usia meningkat menjadi dia semakin matang dan berfikiran dengan cara yang berlainan. Setiap pasangan perlu nampak perubahan yang berlaku dan ambil langkah untuk menyesuaikannya.

Ramai pasangan tidak menyedari, hubungan seks, semakin matang hubungan, semakin memerlukan nilai kasih sayang dan cinta yang tinggi.

Kekerapan melakukan seks semakin kurang, akan tetapi bukanlah bermaksud dia sudah jemu, tetapi dia mahu apabila seks dilakukan, ia adalah saat-saat yang terbaik. Untuk menikmatikan saat-saat seks yang terbaik, nilai kasih sayang dan cinta perlu tinggi.

Perkara yang perlu dilakukan adalah dengan meningkatkan lagi mutu hubungan cinta dan kasih sayang.

Kurang bercakap, lebih mendengar. Adalah sukar dalam hubungan jika kedua-dua yang mahu bercakap sahaja. Perlulah sama-sama turut mendengar. Menjadi kawan dan menjadi sahabat kepada pasangan masing-masing. Cuba tanyakan diri kita, kenapa kita ada masa untuk masalah kawan-kawan, akan tetapi tiada masa untuk duduk mendengar masalah pasangan kita?

Luangkan masa lima minit setiap hari untuk duduk atau baring bersama. Berbual hal-hal bukan keluarga atau kerja. Berbual perkara yang menyeronokkan. Satu tajuk yang boleh dibawakan bersama. Cuba ada hobi yang sama sejak awal hubungan agar ia menjadi perkara bersama sampai bila-bila.

Lakukan sesuatu yang istimewa untuk pasangan anda. Sebagai contoh, mungkin emailkan kad Internet, e-card "I love You" atau ambil masa untuk telepon sekejap menyatakan rasa rindu. Jika dia tidak mahu diganggu waktu kerja, sms pun sudah cukup.

Cara penyataan ringkas begini, boleh menjadi percikan api membara seks yang romantik. Mungkin bukan hari ini ia menjadi api besar, tetapi permulaan yang baik adalah perlu agar api berahi yang kecil akan menjadi semakin besar. Seperti mana api, yang kecil perlu dijaga agar tidak padam.

Jangan lakukan sehari sahaja, lakukan dengan kerap. Hari ini mungkin email, esok mungkin sms, lusa mungkin telepon dan tulat mungkin surat yang dipos. Pelbagaikan cara meningkatkan rasa sayang dan cinta.

Lakukan seks apabila ia memang hendak dilakukan. Pasangan perlu betul-betul sedia. Jika anda bersedia tetapi pasangan anda tidak, maka buatlah sesuatu untuk memberitahunya. Jangan beritahu secara terus.

Perlu ada keunikan. Yang penting bermula dari awal lagi. Sebagai contoh.

Email atau telepon, tanyakan atau minta pasangan anda untuk makan malam istimewa. Masaklah masakan yang ada kaitan dengan seks, seperti tiram, asparagus dan pelbagai. Menyediakan minuman coklat boleh menjadi penyataan kepada hubungan seks.

Kenapa Anda Perlukan Coklat

Chocolate Drink

Resipi untuk masakan tiram dan asparagus

Roasted Oysters

Satu kajian mendapati, batang oat hijau (green oat straw), diambil setiap hari dapat meningkatkan kadar testosterone dalam badan lelaki dan wanita. Hormon testosterone yang meningkatkan rasa berahi bagi lelaki dan wanita.

Sediakan bilik tidur dengan wangian yang berkaitan dengan seksual seperti vanilla dan Patchouli. Malah lelaki, pakailah wangian untuk lelaki seperi musk, ia meningkatkan lagi keinginan wanita untuk bersama.

Sila rujuk Blog Taman Wangi Perempuan Melayu untuk pelbagai tips dan artikel seks


Artikel menarik yang lain

Internet Safe Surf

Guidelines For Positive Use Of Internet

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Khasiat Buah Tomato


Jika anda mempunyai soalan-soalan khusus untuk ditanya sila emailkan kepada

tipswanita @


Sidang Pengarang Wanita Dot Us.

15 Julai 2007

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Atau hantarkan email kosong kepada

[email protected]

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Malaysia License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.


This blog is written by Wanita Melayu to share information and knowledge about Wanita Melayu. All articles and tips are written in bahasa Melayu. If you like Wanita Melayu or want to share information with wanita melayu just visit all the links below.

Love you all from Wanita Melayu.

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Dating Perempuan Melayu

Free and Open Source Software to be download

Malaysian Social Networking Project

Monday, July 16, 2007

Guidelines For Positive Use Of Internet For Parents

Guidelines For Positive Use Of Internet For Parents

Guide and monitor your children's online activities :-

(1) Place the computer in common areas such as the living room or family area.

(2) Enhance your Internet knowledge and honed your computer skills to optimize its benefits to yourself and your family. Be "net savvy".

(3) Monitor your children while they online. Play your role as the filtering "chip".

(4) Establish a conducive atmosphere for open communication between you and your children

(5) Encourage discussions relating to online materials that are interest to you or your children

(6) Advise your children on the types of information thy can or cannot disclose online

(7) Get acquainted with your children's cyber friends. Just as you get to know their other friends

(8) Use filtering software to filter materials or block your children's access to undesirable websites

(9) Teach your children never to meet their cyber friends offline unless you are with them

(10) Accompany young children if they need to go to the cyber cafe

(11) Install software that can protect the PC from virus, trojan, adware and spyware.

Install Mozilla Firefox to replace Internet Explorer

Check this blog for list of things that can be done for safe surfing

If someone sends you or your children messages or images that are obscene, lewd, filthy or indecent with the intent to harass, abuse, annoy, or threaten you, report it to

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
The Malaysian Communications and multimedia commission
The Police (If the messages are threatening nature)

In this cyber era, the Internet facilitates rapid dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge. The unleashing of people creative potential and knowledge through the use of ICT will enable a smooth transaction to knowledge-based economy and society.


Most of this information from Positive use of Internet Programme by Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation Malaysia (MOSTI).

Safe Surf

Safe Surf For Every One

This blog is using Google's Safe Search to screens for sites that contain explicit sexual content and deletes them from your search results, especially if their kids use the same computer. No filter is 100% accurate, but SafeSearch should eliminate most inappropriate material. For more information please visit Google search engine.

Please make this site the "Home Page" for your browser so that you can search the Internet using Google Safesurf. Please page down to the links that will provided guideline to setting "Home page" for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser with pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and privacy and security features. Google integrated the Google Toolbar into the Firefox download to offer users even more features: Google search, SpellCheck, and Autofill. Just click the banner below to download.

Setting to make this Google safe surf page at this blog, just visit the link below

PopUp Blocker

Google Toolbar, Alexa Toolbar and Yahoo toolbar provided utility to block popup. You can installed them with Internet Explorer. For Mozilla Firefox there already build in popup blocker.

Free software for Windows. Spybot Search And Destroy

For Malaysia Internet user you may want to try TM Net Xblocker or xfilter. Information from TM Net site.

Today, there are a lot of malicious software and dialers that can secretly redirect your analog/digital dial-up connection to other Internet access numbers that can lead to an unexpected increase in your telephone bill.

The problem occurs when a hidden dialers actually hijack the computers modem to connect to a premium rate telephone number without your knowledge. There are dialers that can connect themselves to a premium rate number while the victim is away from their PC, achieving this by detecting long periods of inactivity.

Thus, TM Net is proud to introduce the tmnet xblocker, which has been designed to effectively end the miseries caused by these malicious dialers.

What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way to navigate the Internet. Our service is free and requires nothing to download.

How do I use it? Visit this link

Our DNS server addresses:


About OpenDNS

OpenDNS makes the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Based in San Francisco, the company operates a large distributed network that powers a new kind of recursive DNS (Domain Name System) service that provides all Internet users increased security, reliability and performance. OpenDNS is thoroughly committed to building and operating the best DNS platform in the world and to improving the Internet. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:


ScrubIT is a FREE recursive DNS server that regulates what comes into your home or business. ScrubIT “scrubs” the internet so you don’t have to be concerned about what your family members or employees will be confronted with.

We currently profile several million websites and by default block out any pornographic, phishing, and many other potentially harmful sites.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

50 Tahun Malaysia Merdeka. Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang Di Internet

Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang di Internet. Masukkan bendera Malaysia di laman web dan blog anda. Kita merdeka, aman dan tiada peperangan. Tunjukkan kesungguhan kita dengan Malaysia dengan raikan ia di Internet.

Marilah kita sama-sama kirimkan e-kad atau Internet kad atau SMS. Raikan sambutan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia di Internet. Beritahu dunia tentang Malaysia. Gunakan banner dan link melalui blog di bawah ini.

Blog Page 50 Years Malaysia Merdeka

E-Card For Merdeka Day

Contoh bendera

dan sampaikan email ini kepada kawan-kawan yang lain.

Terima kasih.

Sidang Pengarang Wanita Dot Us.

10 Jul 2007

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Tipswanita adalah kumpulan email untuk mengumpulkan pelbagai tips, petua, nasihat dan rahsia wanita dan perempuan melayu zaman berzaman. Ia turut meliputi nasihat dan petua untuk keluarga dan anak-anak sama ada bayi atau remaja.

Pelbagai artikel, tips, nasihat dan rahsia akan dikongsikan di Tipwanita umpama mingguan wanita atau majalah wanita di dalam Email dan Internet. Ia lebih baik lagi berbanding mingguan wanita atau majalah wanita kerana ia dihantar terus ke email anda.

Nasihat seks yang bersesuaian juga ada untuk pengetahuan.

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