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Monday, July 16, 2007

Guidelines For Positive Use Of Internet For Parents

Guidelines For Positive Use Of Internet For Parents

Guide and monitor your children's online activities :-

(1) Place the computer in common areas such as the living room or family area.

(2) Enhance your Internet knowledge and honed your computer skills to optimize its benefits to yourself and your family. Be "net savvy".

(3) Monitor your children while they online. Play your role as the filtering "chip".

(4) Establish a conducive atmosphere for open communication between you and your children

(5) Encourage discussions relating to online materials that are interest to you or your children

(6) Advise your children on the types of information thy can or cannot disclose online

(7) Get acquainted with your children's cyber friends. Just as you get to know their other friends

(8) Use filtering software to filter materials or block your children's access to undesirable websites

(9) Teach your children never to meet their cyber friends offline unless you are with them

(10) Accompany young children if they need to go to the cyber cafe

(11) Install software that can protect the PC from virus, trojan, adware and spyware.

Install Mozilla Firefox to replace Internet Explorer

Check this blog for list of things that can be done for safe surfing

If someone sends you or your children messages or images that are obscene, lewd, filthy or indecent with the intent to harass, abuse, annoy, or threaten you, report it to

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
The Malaysian Communications and multimedia commission
The Police (If the messages are threatening nature)

In this cyber era, the Internet facilitates rapid dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge. The unleashing of people creative potential and knowledge through the use of ICT will enable a smooth transaction to knowledge-based economy and society.


Most of this information from Positive use of Internet Programme by Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation Malaysia (MOSTI).

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