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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Women Really Want

One Wish, filled with Possibilities towards a Equal Relationship.

Being a female I feel I can speak for our gender when I say that all we really want from our men is to be appreciated and understood. So many times we ask our husbands or significant others to do a few things here and there, but instead of getting that help we find them tuning us out. Why they do that, I don't understand, or perhaps I am in the minority? Another thing is the fact that we are habitually told we are whining, when in actuality we aren't whining at all but simply asking for assistance from them. We would never have to repeat ourselves over and over if they would just listen too us the first time. For these very reasons, getting our partners to really hear us is a serious issue and one with no easy solution.

Men and Women are obviously on two different wavelengths. Even more so, some people in relationships feel men and women are like aliens from two totally different planets. Men misunderstand us all the time, but we can't really blame them. We think that they use the same set of emotional signals that we do so therefore we mistakenly assume they are correctly understanding our points when we look at them a certain way or give the hand. But alas, they do not. A man's mind works totally different from a females, its a known fact. However, we can tune them in too our strongest needs and desires, if we do it the right way.

One small token we want from our men is for them to just pay attention to us. Hold our hands out in public or put their arm around us during a movie. What ever happened to having the door held open for women? There use to be such romance in a relationship but now it seems to have turned to being taken for granted and under appreciated. Why is that? I would hope someone would have the answer for I surely don't. As many times as I have asked my husband to do something, and he has sat and procrastinated about it, rather than just doing it, you would think I would have learned to quit asking by now. But I guess I crave those little things, like any woman does. Men make it so difficult to understand them but on the flip side of the coin, they claim we are too complicated to understand. Can't a relationship just be easy? Well, in reality no relationship is picture perfect and it takes practice. Following the steps outlined might just help in clearing the cobwebs though.

~Take time to really listen to one another without judging

~Never take each other for granted because no tomorrow is promised to anyone

~Make sure that when something is bothering you, you discuss it together and work on a good positive solution. The key here is TOGETHER

~Say I love you. A person would be surprised on how these three little words can change a persons persona quicker than a hot home cooked meal can!

~Share in each other's achievements without trying to best one another

More importantly out of any of these points is to remember to treasure what is shared in a marriage or tightly bound relationship. When you love someone, trusting in them, and having faith in each other is what keeps the communication and tightly intertwined threads of love and joy impassioned. Don't forget that!

Author :
Misty Keith
Professional Writer/Freelancer
[email protected]

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