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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tips on How to Spice up Your Relationship in Bed

Partners need to be compatible in almost everything they do to make their relationship work. It is always a matter of giving and receiving – especially in bed. Married couples tend to lose the spice in their relationship after several years of being together. More so, their sexual relations are getting cold by the minute.

Revive the old fire that used to make your blood tingle down your spine. How long was the last time you really made love like a sixteen-year-old virgin? Wouldn't it be nice to experience the same ecstasy with the same person over and over again, even after decades of being together?

Here are good suggestions on how you can make your love bed sizzle like wild fire even in the winter nights:

1. Fantasize There's nothing wrong in playing make believe. Bring your fantasies into life with your partner. Go out of the routine and start making love to your partner like you never did before. Try making love in other places like the floor, the oak table, or at the pool. Do you have a role that you would like to play? Explore all the possibilities. Act as if you're somebody from some other time and place. Let your imagination be your guide.

2. Experiment How many sex toys have you tried? How many times did you share one with your partner? There's no harm in trying something new. Doing so would definitely bring excitement back into your sex life. Whenever you see new sex toys on sale at the online store, show it to your partner and see how he or she reacts. A hot reaction means it's a go.

3. Plan When you two have sex, do you plan it or does it just happen? Try to plan your next session in bed. Talk to your partner and suggest a sex date. Determine the time, date, and place you'll make love together. Further details about the date can be discussed accordingly. Or you can just skip all those fine points altogether to have room for spontaneity. Then surprise your partner with new moves and exciting positions.

4. Love Sex is an expression of love more than anything. Look at your partner in the same way you that looked at him ten or twenty years before. Remember all the things that made you love him in the first place. Let those be your inspiration each night you make passionate love. Only then would your relationship in bed be better, more fervent, and worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Women, Hormones, Mood Swings, And Antidepressants

It is a little known fact that women are more likely to experience depression than men. Two or three times more likely, according to some scientific data. This stems down to basic biology and the various differences between male and female physiologies, and not that women are supposedly considered as the weaker sex. Things like the levels of estrogen in the bloodstream and serotonin in the brain are among the factors that cause women to be more likely to need prescription antidepressants than men. It isn't just depression that women are found to be more susceptible to, however. A specific form of depression, known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is also known to be more prevalent among women than men.

According to some studies, men and women put under the same level of stress will experience and deal with that stress differently. Women are found to be more likely to develop a need for prescription antidepressants and the like, due to their increased probability of developing a more emotional response. Men, on the other hand, often turned to aggression and abuse of various substances, with tobacco and alcohol being the most common. Science now believes that this difference stems from higher levels of certain biochemicals in the body. These chemicals, which may include the female hormone estrogen, are at the root of the more "emotionally attuned" response to stress and pressure. This, combined with the fact that female hormone levels are in near-constant flux throughout their lives, makes them more prone to develop mental disorders that deal with emotions and emotional responses.

It is interesting to note that some health experts believe that the nature of female hormone levels makes women more prone to some forms of depression than men. The female physiology and hormone levels make them prone to a number of psychological conditions that can be treated by prescription antidepressants. These episodes are most often connected to the levels of estrogen in the female body. Unfortunately, the estrogen levels are often at their highest (or in their greatest state of flux) during times when others expect odd behavior from women and girls. As such, these brief episodes of depression are ignored as being part of "that time of the month." On some occasions, these episodes may last longer than normal, but most people will just pass it off as being part of being female, rather than consult with an expert.

Premenstrual syndrome, which has been a problem of women for years, is also sometimes linked with depression. Most women do not realize that this syndrome can be treated, along with the depressive episodes it has been known to cause on occasion. Prescription antidepressants can help alleviate this problem, as well as help a woman deal with the temporary effects of postpartum depression. It should be noted that women who suffer from postpartum depression once are more susceptible to experience it again in the event they have another child. Menopause is also a major concern. Most modern women live nearly a third of their lives after the menopausal period, but the suicide rate for women is highest before menopause sets in. Prescription antidepressants and the right therapy could help lower those numbers.

Author : Harvey Ong
Source :

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Foreplay Tips to Supercharging Your Orgasm

A lot of people think that Tantra is just about sex - that's not true. Tantra is about developing an appreciation of life in general; it's about learning to maximize your pleasure in all things simultaneously. The goal of Tantra is open your mind and allow you to clearly understand that you are an integral part of the universe. Tantra uses the prolonging of sexual ecstasy as one vehicle to help you mesh with what is eternal - the source of all energy and life.

When you open your mind in such a manner, that is one form of meditation. As one result of developing a meditative mind, you are capacitated to enjoy your lovemaking, and everything else, on a far more profound level. Tantra is about connecting your mind with your body - and the body of your partner - to ensure your total focused attention on one another. That is the key! That is what makes Tantric sexuality so mind-blowing and powerful.

In Tantra, the orgasmic response to making love is the epitome of your focused concentration on pleasure. The Tantric orgasm is a combination of the physical orgasm that we commonly think of and a more intense "heart orgasm". Tantra encourages us to live from the heart 24/7 - every minute of life. When we are centered in our hearts, we are in a constant state of blissful union with every bit of energy - both mental and physical - on the planet. The Tantric way is one where we are meshed with everything and everyone around us. To live in this state of mind is truly ecstatic - truly beautiful.

Sexologists (yes, there are such people) have defined several types of orgasms. There are clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms for women. There are glans orgasms for men. Tantra introduces us to a few other types of orgasms as well. There are energy orgasms and heart orgasms. In Tantra, individuals learn to prolong and blend all types of differing orgasms and create what is called a total body orgasm. Wow! That's sounds fun, huh?

The premise is that, through repetitive practice and increased abilities to focus, individuals are able to bring about these total body orgasms and have them last and last - for periods of time that seem unbelievable to non-Tantric people. What's more is that these total body orgasms do not even require physical touch for some people; they achieve this great pleasure plateau simply through breathing and the powers of their minds. Of course, the total body orgasm is indescribable. It is said to be spiritual to the point where the practitioner feels as though they are indeed touching God, ultimate reality, or whatever else the individual believes to be the creative and sustaining force in the universe. Pretty heavy.

Further, when an individual becomes capable of this degree of body/spirit control and mastery, they experience unparalleled personal growth on a variety of levels besides the sexual one. It is the breath that is the focus of all meditative practices in essence. It is no different with Tantra. Our breath is our most profound connection to life. When you learn to be unfailingly conscious of your breath and your heart's utmost desires, you become more than you dreamed that you could. You touch the source of all life.

That is the essence of the Tantric orgasm. That is why it is so sought after. Besides, what else there in life that is both immeasurably rewarding while simultaneously so entertaining to practice and develop? Tantric sexuality and the way of Tantra in general can make your life into one never-ending total body orgasm. Now that is quite a way to go!

Author : Maya Silverman
Source :

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Happens if the Condom Breaks?

If the condom breaks during sex, you have two things to worry about; pregnancy and contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

If you’re concerned about falling pregnant, ask your pharmacist for an emergency contraceptive pill, also known as the ‘morning-after pill’. If you take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, you’ll have a 95% to 99% chance of preventing a pregnancy.

If you’re concerned about STDs, visit your local clinic, hospital or doctor where you can be tested for anything you might be worried about.

Common Diseases to Look out for :-


If left untreated, chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammation and result in infertility. The signs? Look out for more vaginal discharge than usual, a frequent, often burning need to pee, stomach pain, irregular periods and pain or bleeding during sex.

Sometimes you can have chlamydia without showing any symptoms, so it’s important to ask your doctor for a test if you think you may be at risk.


Also referred to as ‘the clap’, gonorrhoea can be symptomless too. You may, however, notice a yellowish discharge and it might sting a little when you pee.


It can take up to three months to appear. First, you’ll notice a painless sore at the site of the infection, which could be anywhere on your body, not just in the genital area. Later, you’ll develop some or all of the following; a rash that doesn’t itch, flat looking vaginal or anal warts, swollen glands, a loss of appetite, flu like symptoms, fatigue, a white, patchy mouth and tongue, and hair loss.

The really scary part is that, while all these symptoms can clear up by themselves, the disease can lie dormant in your system for decades before damaging vitals such as your nervous system and heart. The good news is the above symptoms are easy to treat with a prescribed course of antibiotics. If you suspect you’ve picked up a little more than his phone number, get to a doctor – fast.

Genital Herpes

Spread not only by oral sex but also by close skin to skin contact, genital herpes symptoms are easy to spot – one or more red bumps that develop into blisters and later become itchy, painful sores. They might heal and vanish without a trace, but the virus lurks in your system forever, playing up at will. Fortunately, your doctor can prescribe intiviral medication to treat your symptoms and help to keep future outbreaks in check.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Means to End Premature Ejaculation

One of the most common problems for men is premature ejaculation. The question how to last longer in bed pops into everyone’s head. How can I please my woman, if I cannot last more than two minutes when I am with her, in bed?

The answer to that question may be found in various drugs. However, all of these pills have side effects, such as nausea and blurry vision. That is why, if you want to end premature ejaculation and you want to know how to last longer in bed, you should follow the next few tips:

The first tip consists in masturbation.
Be sure to blow your load an hour or two before every sexual encounter. This way, you will be able to delay ejaculation at first. Repeat this step as many times as you can, even if you are not sure of the outcome of your date. This way, you will build up stamina and, eventually, you will end premature ejaculation. Do not worry that you won’t be able to get it up when in bed with your partner – your Johnson will be ready for work.

The second and last tip on how to last longer in bed consists in playing with your partner.
The method described here is called the squeeze technique. It has some simple steps, which work not only as a mean to end premature ejaculation but as a fun game to play too.

The first step consists in foreplay. Play with your partner; touch you bodies in order to achieve erection. Do these until you feel the urge of blowing your load.

When feeling like coming, have your partner squeeze the tip of your penis, right where the head joins the shaft, for a few seconds. After the urge passes, you will se that your penis is not as hard as it used to be. This happens because the blood vessels were compressed. Resume the foreplay and you will feel it become harder than ever.

Have sex, great sex. You will see that you are now able to last longer then you used to. However, if you feel like coming again, repeat the procedure described above – it would be even more fun if she takes it in her mouth.

The last thing to do in order to know how to last longer in bed is that she may also put pressure on your perineum while squeezing the tip of your dick. The pleasure you will feel is indescribable.

Of course, you will not be able to end premature ejaculation from the first time. However, gradually, you will be able to last longer and harder in bed. This way, your problem of coming to fast will be solved. And, keep in mind the fact that there are no side effects and that is also fun to do.

You will soon be able to penetrate your partner from the first moment, without ejaculating. The squeeze technique will no more be of use for you. Afterwards, let your imagination flow. Sex will be as easy as it comes.

Author: Ken Wilson
Article Source :

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