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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Means to End Premature Ejaculation

One of the most common problems for men is premature ejaculation. The question how to last longer in bed pops into everyone’s head. How can I please my woman, if I cannot last more than two minutes when I am with her, in bed?

The answer to that question may be found in various drugs. However, all of these pills have side effects, such as nausea and blurry vision. That is why, if you want to end premature ejaculation and you want to know how to last longer in bed, you should follow the next few tips:

The first tip consists in masturbation.
Be sure to blow your load an hour or two before every sexual encounter. This way, you will be able to delay ejaculation at first. Repeat this step as many times as you can, even if you are not sure of the outcome of your date. This way, you will build up stamina and, eventually, you will end premature ejaculation. Do not worry that you won’t be able to get it up when in bed with your partner – your Johnson will be ready for work.

The second and last tip on how to last longer in bed consists in playing with your partner.
The method described here is called the squeeze technique. It has some simple steps, which work not only as a mean to end premature ejaculation but as a fun game to play too.

The first step consists in foreplay. Play with your partner; touch you bodies in order to achieve erection. Do these until you feel the urge of blowing your load.

When feeling like coming, have your partner squeeze the tip of your penis, right where the head joins the shaft, for a few seconds. After the urge passes, you will se that your penis is not as hard as it used to be. This happens because the blood vessels were compressed. Resume the foreplay and you will feel it become harder than ever.

Have sex, great sex. You will see that you are now able to last longer then you used to. However, if you feel like coming again, repeat the procedure described above – it would be even more fun if she takes it in her mouth.

The last thing to do in order to know how to last longer in bed is that she may also put pressure on your perineum while squeezing the tip of your dick. The pleasure you will feel is indescribable.

Of course, you will not be able to end premature ejaculation from the first time. However, gradually, you will be able to last longer and harder in bed. This way, your problem of coming to fast will be solved. And, keep in mind the fact that there are no side effects and that is also fun to do.

You will soon be able to penetrate your partner from the first moment, without ejaculating. The squeeze technique will no more be of use for you. Afterwards, let your imagination flow. Sex will be as easy as it comes.

Author: Ken Wilson
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