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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stimulating Women Erogenous Zones

Both men and women have erogenous zones . This is a fact that has been around since there were females and males in the world. The discovery of these erogenous zones was part of several cultures and civilizations that found these facts useful.

Women's erogenous zones may be different from that of males. Not all women have the same erogenous spots although many women's erogenous zones are in the same vicinity. In spite of these erogenous zones, a woman also needs to find her partner attractive enough to be able to feel some pleasure.

The Head

The head can contain several women's erogenous zones . The ears are considered one of a woman's erogenous zones. To discover which part of the ears can really stimulate her, you can start by gently exploring the ear.

The key to stimulating women's erogenous zones is to handle them gently and lightly. Sometimes the anticipation of what you are about to do with her ear can be stimulating enough for her. Kissing the parts of her ear lightly can send ecstatic shivers up her spine as well as awaken her sexual senses. Gently blowing on the ear as well as behind it can also stimulate a woman.

Another of a woman's erogenous zones is her lips. The lips are filled with small nerve endings that make it more sensitive than any other part of the face. These are also used to express love and emotions through kissing. The same as the ear, the lightest touch on her lips can stimulate her more than a firm hand. Kissing women's erogenous zones , specifically the lips can also stimulate her.

The Neck

The entire neck is quite sensitive to touch, so it is understandable that it is among women's erogenous zones , most particularly the sides of the neck just below the ear. These women's erogenous zones are best stimulated by kissing and stroking and blowing. The arching of the neck, while kissing and blowing on this area, signals a desire to be stimulated more in that area.

The Breasts

These women's erogenous zones abound in sensitive nerve endings that can easily arouse a woman. The nipples are the most sensitive part of these erogenous zones.

Kissing, blowing and sucking on them can really awaken a woman's sexual urges. Fondling the breasts is a stimulant which most women experience.

These are just a few of a woman's erogenous zones that are located nowhere near her lower body. The lower has more erogenous zones that you can discover as well.

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