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Dating In Malaysia
Dating In Malaysia

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Use of Herbs For Sex

Herbs and plants are undervalued today. Not a lot of people understand their powerful effects on our health. Herbs can impact all parts of our health and that includes our sexual health. Unlike commonly used drugs like Viagra, natural herbs have little side effects and are just as efficient, if not better. Therefore, it is time to switch from drugs to health foods that are more natural. Here are some that can help boost sexual health.

Ginseng. It is a great herb recognized by doctors and is a valued component of traditional Chinese medicine. Ginseng boosts energy and can be taken in to boost health generally. Ginseng can boost sexual stamina and increase the potency of sperms. Ginseng may come in its original form or other forms, such as powdered, in many health food stores. However, any patient of high-blood pressure, heart diseases or asthma should consult a doctor before consumption.

Ginger is a common spice used in food, especially Chinese food. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. It is a good stimulant because it increases blood flow to the genitals. Blood circulation is important for sex and therefore anything that can improve blood circulation is good as an aphrodisiac. Ginger can be consumed by users of both gender and effects will be felt by both. Ginger can be taken in as food, as soup or as a form of tea. Extracts and pill forms are also sold at health food stores, for those who do not like the taste of ginger.

Licorice is also a great energy booster. Regular consumptions help for an active sex life. Men who use them regularly have an obvious increase in sex drive. For women, it stimulates her sex glands. Licorice is also a general health tonic and can be bought in the form of extracts in most health food stores. However, licorice may spell problems to patients of high blood pressure. They should consult a doctor before consuming licorice.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goda Suami Anda Malam Ini 18SX

Goda Suami Anda Malam Ini 18SX

Catatan untuk isteri.

Apa kata malam ini anda goda suami anda? Jika tidak malam ini, pilihlah hari-hari subur kerana pada waktu itu bau badan (yang tidak dapat dikesan dengan nyata) akan lagi memberahikan suami anda. Yang pastinya anda akan capi orgasm paling memuaskan pada hari subur.

Mengetahui Hari Subur Wanita

Ditambah pula dengan haruman dan mandian wangi. Pakailah pakaian yang seksi dan menjolokkan mata. Dia mungkin sepanjang hari diluar melihat wanita lain dengan pakaian yang menjolokkan mata. Apakata anda "reset" fikiran suami dan berikan suami anda melihat seksi isterinya pula.

Tambahkan lagi berahi suami dengan pakaian lingerie warna merah. Satu kajian mendapati wanita dengan pakaian warna merah adalah lebih menarik daripada segi seksual.

Sediakan makanan yang menyihatkan, yang tidak pedas dan pastikan jangan terlalu kenyang. baiknya isteri telepon suami bertanya apa makanan yang hendak dimakan sambil memberikan kata-kata bahawa anda pun hendak makan. :)

Tidak perlu risau. Hubungan seks juga adalah senaman

Isteri perlu bersedia untuk menerima pancutan air mani didalam farajnya tanpa apa-apa halangan. Kepuasannya adalah cukup menyakinkan sehinggakan anda mahu lagi.

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