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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pekatan Herba Serai Wangi (Lemon Grass) Untuk Menghalau Semut Cicak dan Lipas

Pekatan Herba Serai Wangi

Kami telah menggunakan pekatan herba serai wangi untuk seminggu dan mendapati ia berkesan untuk menghalau semut, cicak dan lipas. Produk yang kami gunakan adalah pekatan herba serai wangi keluaran Afy Haniff dan kami yakin, lain-lain keluaran pekatan serai wangi mempunyai kesan yang sama. Penerangan produk turut menyatakan ia boleh menghalau tikus dan anai-anai. Buat masa ini kami tidak menghadapi masalah demikian.

Produk ini telah dibancuh dengan air dalam bekas semburan dengan kadar yang telah dicadangkan. Ia kemudian telah disembur ditempat yang menjadi tumpuan semut dan lipas. Untuk masalah dengan semut, kami mendapati semut telah keluar daripada sarangnya dan lari ke tempat lain. Begitu juga lipas, semburan yang dilakukan dalam bekas sampah luar rumah, membuat lipas berlari keluar. Sememangnya ia berkesan untuk menghalau semut dan lipas.

Bagi cicak pula, semburan kami lakukan pada sudut-sudut siling dan jangkaan laluan cicak. Cicak didapati tidak lagi ada di bahagian siling yang telah disembur dengan pekatan herba serai wangi.

Penggunaan herba serai wangi berkesan bagi kami, ia mungkin berkesan kepada anda.

Gambar pekatan herba serai wangi Afy Haniff

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sex Education

Sex education is broad term that encompasses a wide range of topics that relate to human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, reproductive rights, contraception, and other facets of human sexual behavior. Sex education can be a part of school programs but it can also be informally taught by parents or guardians or through various public health campaigns.

Sex education may also pertain to ‘sexuality education,’ which means that it also covers all perspectives about human sexuality. As such, it would integrate discussions about reproduction, family planning, and all the elements of one's sexuality. Human sexuality in itself is a scopic term which takes into account body image; sexual orientation; morals and values; communication and decision making; dating and relationships. Also included are more sensitive topics such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and birth control methods.

As aforementioned sex education can be taught informally, such as discussing the matter with parents or friends. It can also be imparted by religious leaders, advocate groups, government campaigns or through mass media. The subject can also be effectively delivered through sex self-help authors, newspaper and magazine articles, or through a number of sex education websites.

Sex education from the onset of its conception to date has remained a sensitive and controversial issue in several nations. There are schools that incorporate sex education as a full course as part of the curriculum, particularly in junior high school or high school. In other instances, it just forms part of a broader topic such as biology, health and fitness or physical education. There are schools with no sex education in their curriculum, since there has been much debate as to the age at which students ought to be exposed to such sensitive topics, the amount of information that should be taught, and topics dealing with human sexual behavior.

Whenever sex education is subjected to debates, the primary argument is whether discussing sexuality is beneficial or detrimental among teenagers. Among the points of contention are the use of birth control, teenage pregnancy, abortion and the transmission of diseases. It has been revealed that countries with conservative outlook towards sex education tend to have a higher incidence of teenage pregnancy and STIs.

Other pressing issues have come to the fore and have fueled a new sense of urgency to the topic of sex education. Perhaps the most glaring example is the unprecedented spread of the AIDS virus. In Africa for instance, where AIDS has reached pandemic proportions, sex education is viewed by experts as a key component in developing an effective public health strategy.

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